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oriday humidifier is a must-have for bedrooms and air-conditioned rooms. Small mini cute charging portable silent car

oriday humidifier is a must-have for bedrooms and air-conditioned rooms. Small mini cute charging portable silent car

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Product parameters:

Product name/Product name Space Bear Humidifier

Product model/Product model H46

Material/ Material ABS+PC

Charging interface/Interface Typc-C

Packing quantity/QTY/CTN 60PCS

Product size/Product size 103.5*104*112mm

Color box size/Color box size 104*104*119mm

Carton size/Carton size 54.5*43.5*38.3cm

Single net weight NW/gross weight GW 209g/281g

Net weight of the whole box NW/gross weight GW 17kg/17.9kg

Product color/Product color white/blue/pink

Water tank capacity/Water tank capacity 200ML

Battery capacity/Battery capacity without battery

Product selling points:

1. Enjoy the soft mist and develop fairy skin every day;

2. Double gear design, free to follow your heart;

3. Colorful night light atmosphere, interesting and warm;

4. Cute little bear, round and transparent, with high appearance;

5. Large-capacity water tank, enjoy moisture all night long;

6. The portable "small universe" is small and portable, and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms and offices;

7. Automatic power-off design, comfortable and safe;

8. Get rid of dry mouth and nose, relieve stuffy heat, and breathe fresh air;

9. Exquisitely packaged, making it a pleasant gift.

Instructions for use:

1. Short press the switch button to turn on continuous spray, short press again to turn into intermittent spray, and short press the third time to turn off spray (and so on).

2. Long press the power button to turn on the colorful lights; long press the power button again to fix the color of the lights; long press the power button a third time to turn off the lights (and so on).

3. The continuous spray time is 4 hours, and the intermittent spray time is 8 hours. After the timer expires, the spray stops and the lighting function is not affected.

4. Regularly use a clean soft cloth dipped in white vinegar to scrub the scale on the atomizer piece and the inner cup. If the amount of mist becomes smaller, please replace the cotton swab in time.


Oriday is a local brand in Hong Kong, committed to developing exquisite and high-quality home electronic and electrical products to the world. We have our own factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan, mainland China, to ensure quality and delivery.

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