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oriday colorful double spray humidifier bedroom dedicated car small ambient light large capacity home desktop

oriday colorful double spray humidifier bedroom dedicated car small ambient light large capacity home desktop

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Product parameters:

Product name/Product name Colorful double spray humidifier

Product model/Product model H56

Material/Material ABS/Silicone

Packing quantity/QTY/CTN 12PCS

Product size/Product size 200*120*193mm

Color box size/Color box size 225*143*216mm

Carton size/Carton size 46.6*44.4*45.5CM

Single net weight NW/gross weight GW 645g

Net weight of the whole box NW/gross weight GW 9.9KG/11.1KG

Product color/Product color white/yellow

Product selling points:

1. Independently controlled dual spray nozzle design, double humidification, enjoy moisturizing;

2. Quickly produce fog and black technology, soaring high and wide without getting wet on the table;

3. Healing colorful night lights, full of atmosphere, protecting every day and night;

4. Double power-off protection, the smart chip and physical probe provide double protection against dry burning, making it safer to use;

5. 3600 mAh large-capacity battery, with a battery life of 50 hours when fully charged;

6. 2L large-capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently, the water level is clearly visible.

Instructions for use:

1. Indicator light:
(1) When charging, the charging red light flashes, and when the battery is full, the red light stays on;
(2) When spraying, the blue spray light is always on;
(3) When the battery power is low, 5050RGB flashes red, and when the battery voltage drops to 3.0V, it stops working;
(Turn on the light button separately and it will flash three times to shut down)

2. Key function:
(1) Short press the spray button, and the two sprays will start continuous spraying; short press the spray button for the second time, the left side will not spray, but the right side will spray; the third short press of the spray button will spray the left side, but the right side will not spray; the fourth short press Press the spray button to spray left and right alternately (spray for 3 seconds, stop for 3 seconds); short press the spray button for the fifth time to turn off the spray; when the spray is on, press and hold the spray button to directly turn off the spray.
(2) Short press the button (1.5s), the RGB light turns on the seven-color cycle (lights up in sequence from red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, a total of 35s cycle (about 5s for each color) to the breathing state Change light color); short press again (1.5s), short press again to fix the color, and short press the third time to turn off the light panel light.

3. Timing function:
(1) After 25 hours of continuous spraying, the spraying will automatically stop;
(2) After 50 hours of intermittent spraying, the spraying will automatically stop.


Oriday is a local brand in Hong Kong, committed to developing exquisite and high-quality home electronic and electrical products to the world. We have our own factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan, mainland China, to ensure quality and delivery.

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