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Обычная цена HK$129.00
Обычная цена HK$258.00 Цена со скидкой HK$129.00
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產品參數/ Product parameters:

産品名稱/Product name    刮痧儀/ Guasha instrument

産品型號/Product model   WT-G1

材質/ Material                    ABS

裝箱數/ QTY/CTN               60PCS

産品尺寸/Product size        93*28*83mm

彩盒尺寸/Color box size    95*34*139mm

外箱尺寸/Carton size        38*30*30cm

單個淨重N.W/毛重G.W     88/150g

整箱淨重N.W/毛重G.W     9/9.6KG

産品顔色/Product color    白色、杏色/ White、Apricot

電池容量/Battery capacity    1000mAh

充電接口/Interface    Type-C








Product selling points:

1. Bian Shi tightly adheres to the skin and scrapes, releasing high-frequency ultrasonic pulses that directly act on the facial skin with infrared radiation, providing deep care;

2. Fine temperature control at 43 ℃ -53 ℃, covering people with different heat tolerance, continuously warming and activating the skin base;

3. 5-speed temperature controlled massage to relax muscles and relieve fatigue;

4. Built in 1000mAh high-capacity battery, can last for 90 minutes at full charge, LED display screen, real-time monitoring of battery level, vibration gear.




2、溫度設置:長按“發熱按鍵(即開關鍵)”,開啓一檔發熱,顯示屏當前檔位“1”,發熱標識亮起。再次長按“ 發熱按鍵”,關閉工作;在開啓發熱的情況下,短按“發熱按鍵”,切換發熱檔位,且顯示屏顯示對應檔位;加熱從低到高共5個檔位,當到達5檔後,再次短按“發熱按鍵”,5檔變為1檔;關閉發熱需再次長按“發熱按鍵”。

3、振動設置:在開啓發熱的情況下,短按“振動按鍵”,産品開啓振動功能,顯示屏振動標識亮起。再次短按“振動 按鍵”,産品關閉振動功能,顯示屏振動標識熄滅;在開啓發熱的情況下,長按“振動按鍵”關閉燈光,再次長按開啓燈光。



Instructions for use:

1. When charging, the battery indicator light on the display screen flashes. The more battery there is, the more grids it will display. When fully charged, the battery indicator light will remain on for 4 grids.

2. Temperature setting: Long press the "heating button (i.e. the on key)" to turn on the first level of heating. The current level on the display screen is "1", and the heating indicator lights up. Press and hold the "heating button" again to turn off the work; When heating is turned on, short press the "heating button" to switch to the heating gear, and the corresponding gear will be displayed on the display screen; Heat up in 5 levels from low to high. When reaching the 5th level, briefly press the "heat button" again, and the 5th level will change to the 1st level; To turn off the heating, long press the "heating button" again.

3. Vibration setting: When heating is turned on, short press the "vibration button" to activate the vibration function of the product, and the vibration indicator on the display screen will light up. Short press the "vibration button" again to turn off the vibration function of the product and turn off the vibration indicator on the display screen; When heating is turned on, long press the "vibration button" to turn off the light, and long press again to turn on the light.

4. Attention: The product cannot be turned on and used during charging. Please unplug the power to turn it on.





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