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Giá thông thường HK$198.00
Giá thông thường HK$470.00 Giá ưu đãi HK$198.00
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產品參數/Product parameters:

產品名稱/Product name       艾灸儀/ Moxibustion box

產品型號/Product model      WT-A1

材質/ Material                    PC+ABS+硅膠/ PC+ABS+Silicone

裝箱數/ QTY/CTN                 36PCS

產品尺寸/Product size         104*91*41mm

彩盒尺寸/Color box size      127*57.5*187.5mm

外箱尺寸/Carton size           39*37.3*41CM

單個淨重N.W/毛重G.W       175/358g

整箱淨重N.W/毛重G.W       12.9/13.6KG

產品顏色/Product color      白色/White

電池容量/Battery capacity  2000mAh

充電接口/Interface             Type-C







Product selling points:

1. Smoke free and flame free MCH ceramic fast heating, built-in high-voltage arc ignition, one click automatic ignition, no need for manual ignition;

2. Large screen digital display, visible and tangible temperature, real-time display of power and time;

3. 2000mAh lightweight and portable moxibustion at any time, standard with 10 mugwort cakes, professional herbal formula, unblocking meridians, warming meridians and dispelling cold, moxibustion wherever it hurts.











Instructions for use:

1. Key functions

(1) Function buttons: Long press to turn on/off work, and short press to enter temperature gear adjustment mode or time adjustment mode after turning on.

(2) Button [+]: Short press to increase the value, press once to increase by 5. When the value reaches its maximum, short press cannot increase it. (The maximum temperature of the gear is 120 ℃, and the maximum time is 60 minutes; pressing this button is invalid in case of heating).

(3) Button [-]: Short press to decrease the value, press once to decrease by 5. When the value reaches its minimum, short press cannot decrease further. (The minimum temperature of the gear is 60 ℃, and the minimum time is 5 minutes; pressing this button is ineffective in case of heating).

2. Memory function: The next time it is turned on, remember the temperature and time set last time.

3. Display function: During operation, the digital tube displays real-time temperature, and the time scale indicator light displays the countdown scale.

4. Battery level display: When charging, the charging indicator light is always on. When fully charged, the charging indicator light goes off. When the battery level is low, the charging indicator light flashes.





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